Party bag fillers and alternatives for kids birthday parties under $10

So you’ve got the RSVPs and the party venue down-packed, the food sorted and the cake covered. Now onto the hard part - deciding what to put inside the lolly / gift / party bags for the little guests!

At KidsList, we’ve organised our fair share of kids parties, and we thought it would be handy to share a list of kids party bag filler ideas we have collected over the years. Our list below contains a range of smaller fillers to larger alternative items to be given individually instead of a party bag:


Slime is a favorite with the kids - gooey, stretchy, slippery and hours of fun!


Kids love to get creative, and little stamps makes it so much more fun during craft time!


Let the mini explorer’s imagination run wild with a pair of binoculars

Pot & Seeds

Let the little ones grow and care for their own little pot plant by gifting them a pot with some easy to grow seeds.

Bath Bombs

Make bath time more fun with these scented little party bag fillers. Best of all, you can buy DIY kits to make it yourself!

Crayons / Chalk / Colouring pencils

An old classic, but gets the kids creative juices flowing. There are some newer alternatives like bath and window crayons which will are made especially for different surfaces.

Stackable Cups

These stackable cups are a fun party bag gift for the younger ones to promote bath time play and hand eye coordination.

DIY Kits

DIY kits are all the craze these days, and there are a huge range of kits from jewelry to slime to lip balm, you name it, they probably have it.

Model Cars

The little car enthusiast will appreciate these little party gifts!


Have a lego themed party and put assorted lego pieces in a party bag or get one of the cheaper lego sets available under $10!

Parachute Toy

These were big back in the day, kids would be out in the yard all day throwing them up in the air and watch them fall gracefully from the sky.

Lip Balm

Throw some lip balm in the party bags to keep them chapped lips happy! This is another DIY friendly gift.

Skipping Rope

It hard to get the young ones off the couch and out of the house, so something to encourage exercise might be a good idea!

Snack Box

You can never have enough snack boxes, especially once they start kinder or school. They magically disappear into a timeless blackhole - never to be found again.
Tip: Use the snackbox as the party bag and hide lollies / little fillers inside!


No kid ever complains about getting more stickers - add to their collection and gift them some stickers in their party bag!

Hair Clips

Girls can never have enough hair clips! Cheap and pretty party bag fillers.

Face Paint

Kids love getting their face painted, so you can’t go wrong with some face paint in the loot bag!

DIY baking set complete with cookie mixture and some fun cookie cutter shapes!

Reusable Straws

Eco-friendly and educational for the little ones to say no to single use plastic straws!

We hope there is enough ideas there to get your loot bags sorted! Please let us know at if you have any great party bag ideas that we should be adding to this list.

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