30 amazing kids birthday cakes & dessert ideas

The birthday cake is the centerpiece of every kid’s party - after all, the party ain’t finished until the cake has been served!
With more and more amazing cake designs and dessert ideas popping up at kids parties, we have been busy bookmarking our favorite ideas (and tasting them in the process). Some are a little bit over the top for a simple kids party we must admit, but no one has ever complained about a little bit of sugary-sweet-icing eye candy!

So without further ado, here is our list of the cutest and most delicious kids birthday cakes ideas in no particular order:

30. Unicorn Croquembouche

One word - spectacular!

Spelling out the birthday boy or girl’s initials with alphabet cookies!

28. Mini Fruit Tarts

Yum! Can’t go wrong with fruit and tarts!

27. Decorated Choux Puffs

How cute are these little frog puffs :)

26. Superhero Cakes

Superhero obsession is real these days

25. Fruit Pops

Healthy and delicious fruit + chocolate pops

24. Donut Pizza!

It’s a donut… but like a pizza?

23. Decorated Donuts

These cute donuts would bring a smile to any birthday boy / girl

22. Magical Unicorn Cakes

Unicorn cakes, need we say more?

21. Melted Ice Cream Cakes

Ice cream birthday cake with a twist

20. Sesame Street

Elmo and cookie monster to help celebrate the special occasion

19. These Awesome Cactus Macaron Cakes!

These prickly little cactus macarons!

18. Animal Themed Cakes

Animal birthday cakes are just tooo cute!

17. Rainbow Cake

You can taste the rainbow with this colourful kids birthday cake :)

16. Pixar / Disney

Pixar / Disney characters are aplenty, and kids that love them are also aplenty!

15. Princess Dress Cakes

Adorable princess dress cakes

14. Animal Macarons

So cute, and so delicious!

13. Number Cakes

Just incase you forgot how old the birthday boy or girl was ;)

12. Construction Themed Cakes

Bobcats, diggers, forklifts! So much awesome!

11. Dead Unicorn Cake? :(

Who did this!?

10. Alphabet Donuts!

Spelling out the birthday kid’s name with donuts? Best idea ever!

9. Giant Macarons

Macarons, but.. BIGGER!

8. Rocket Cake Pops

Rocket ship cake pops! Perfect for a futuristic kids party theme

7. Pigs In Mud Cupcakes

Peppa would be proud of these cupcakes

6. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Strawberries and chocolate - yummy!

5. Cake Pop Popsicles

Cakes on sticks = no messy plates to clean up afterwards

4. Decorated Cookies

Decorated cookies are on the come back!

3. Mermaid Cake

Mythical creature themed cakes seem to be very popular these days

2. Fruit Cones

When you are looking for a healthier alternative

1. Minion-Eating-Cake Cake!

Last but not least - minions! Cute and mischievous.. remind you of anyone?

Whew! Anyone else craving for some yummy desserts after all that? I know I am!
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