20 kids dress-up party theme ideas

There is something about getting dressed up in costume and seeing all your friends in special outfits that just lights up the party. Combined with theme specific decorations and tailored activities, the little ones are sure to have blast no matter the age group!

Below are 20 of our favorite dress up themes for kids parties to get your creative juices flowing:

20. Rainbow

Fill the birthday party with colour! Get the little people to wear their favorite colour from the rainbow and top it off with a rainbow cake.

19. Onesies!

Everyone loves a good onesie - they are cute, comfortable, warm and most of all, so cuddly!

18. Disco

Neon lights, loud jackets and dresses plus awesome music to dance to!

17. Cultural

Good excuse for the kids to explore different cultures and traditions by dressing up in a traditional outfit from a country / religion of their choice! Mix it up with some food from around the world!

16. Circus

Circuses are full of excitement - dress up as a clown, circus animals, acrobat and add lots of fun props to climb on and jump off. For an extra themed activity, play pin the red nose on the clown and give the old donkey a break!

15. Under the sea

This is a classic, but classics never go out of style! The little ones are shore to have waves of fun! (sea what I did there?)

14. Hollywood

Get the kids to dress up as their favorite movie stars, setup a Hollywood walk of fame and a photobooth with some movie backdrops and props - we are certain it will receive rave reviews from the critics.

13. Fairytale

Dress up as your favorite fairytale character, the wicked which, little red riding hood, prince charming or even the big bad wolf!

12. Sports

Get them behind their favorite sports team / player and get dressed up in the team uniform or colours! Incorporate some sporting related activities to keep them entertained at the party.

11. Pirates

Shiver me timbers! The ol’ pirate theme is an oldie, but a goodie. For bonus points with the little mateys, pair the theme up with some pirate maps and treasure hunts!

P.S. If you are in Melbourne, check out Polly Woodside to have the ultimate pirate birthday party theme!

10. Profession

A.K.A. - “When I grow up, I want to be..” dress up! Channel Bindy in your favorite Zookeeper outfit, orbit around in an astronaut spacesuit or light up the party in a fireman’s uniform. So many possibilities!

9. Enchanted Forest

There’s something magical about a enchanted forest dress-ups that has the children up in glee - get the little ones dressed up as fairies or elves, or anything in between!

P.S. If you are in Melbourne, check out Fairyfields who specialises in fairy themed kids parties and even comes with it’s own enchanted forest!

Fairy kids birthday party theme

8. Video Game

Game on with your favorite video game character dresss-up party! Minecraft, roblox, super Mario, Pokemon - there are plenty characters to choose from!

7. Star Wars

May the force be with your party by having a Star Wars themed birthday! Get the kids to dress up as their favorite character and then top it off with this awesome “Death Star” watermelon :)

6. Animal / Zoo / Safari

Let the animals run free at your party with this great party theme. Get the kids face-paint done or dress up in their favorite animal costumes! Trust us on this one, we have the necessary koalafications..

5. Futuristic

Have a birthday party in the future with this awesome kids dress-up theme. Let the little ones come up with their own ideas on their own fashion designs of the future!

4. Disney

Disney has been around for a long time, from the likes of it’s classics such as snow white, the little mermaid to the newer movies like Big hero 6, Finding Nemo, Frozen and Moana. Every child can find plenty of inspiration for a character to dress up as.

3. Horror

If the 31st of October isn’t around the corner, maybe a horror themed kids birthday party will scratch that Halloween itch. Dust off the Halloween props and get the little ones’ scary faces on!

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter themed parties are guaranteed to be wand-erful. Be sure to have a sorting hat to sort the little ones into groups for team activities for that complete Hogwarts experience.

1. Superhero

There is nothing hotter than superheroes right now! Combine the dress-up with some superhero activities such as super villain hunt (hide clues around the party venue), party string laser obstacle courses and have plenty of group photos of their best superhero poses!

There should be enough ideas above to get you started, let us know at hello@kidslist.com.au if you have any great party ideas that we should be adding to this list.

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